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Have you ever wondered what the letters and numbers in a PERB charge mean?  Here’s what you need to know.  All PERB charges follow the same rule:  The first two letters denote the PERB office where the charge was filed; the next two letters denote the type of case; next the number is the number of the charge under the Act; and the last letter is the Act under which the charge was filed.

Here’s a guide to the abbreviations used:


  • SA = Sacramento
  • SF = San Francisco (Note: For those of you wondering, yes, PERB’s office is in Oakland.  But it used to be in SF)
  • LA = Los Angeles

Charge types:

  • AC Amendment of Certification Request
  • AR Arbitration Request
  • CE Unfair Practice Charge against Employer (Note:  Most common type of charge)
  • CO Unfair Practice Charge against Employee Organization  (Note:  Second most common type of charge)
  • DP Decertification Petition
  • FS Financial Statement Complaint
  • HS HEERA Student Participation Complaint
  • IM Impasse Request (Mediation and Factfinding)
  • OS Organizational Security Election Request
  • PC Petition for Certification
  • PN Public Notice Complaint
  • RR Request for Recognition
  • SV Severance Request or Petition
  • UM Unit Modification Petition


  • E = EERA
  • H = HEERA
  • S = Dills (Note:  It was initially referred to as “SEERA” before being renamed for the late Senator Ralph Dills)
  • M = MMBA
  • C = Trial Court Employment Protection and Governance Act
  • I = Trial Court Interpreter Employment and Labor Relations Act
  • T = Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority Transit Employer-Employee Relations Act

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