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I was greatly saddened today to learn that Chief Administrative Law Judge Bernard McMonigle passed away this weekend. Bernie was both a friend and mentor to me at PERB. I first met Bernie when he was a Regional Attorney at PERB and I was an attorney at the Department of Personnel Administration. I later had the pleasure to appear before him when he was an Administrative Law Judge and was working at PERB he when was promoted to Chief ALJ.

Bernie was a great attorney and ALJ. He knew the law, but more importantly he understood the realities of the workplace.  You could also be assured that you would get a fair hearing in front of him.  Because of that, he was greatly respected by both unions and management.

One my fondest memories of Bernie doesn’t involve PERB; but rather seeing him regularly at the Gym. He and Bob Thompson, PERB’s former General Counsel, were religious about going to the gym everyday at lunch. Even when he turned 50 years old, Bernie could still bench press 225 lbs, six times – a fact that he took great pride in taunting me over …

I know I’m not alone in saying that I’m going to greatly miss Bernie.

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