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[UPDATED (7/6/09): 2 more Ad decisions, 1 Recon, and 1 Bd Decision bring the total number to 89. Plus, someone pointed out that my historic numbers did not all always include IR requests, so I made that clear.]

The fiscal year has ended for PERB. PERB’s annual report is not due until October, but I have some preliminary numbers based on my own record keeping.

For the 2008-09 fiscal year, my numbers show that PERB issued 89 decisions, not including any requests for injunctive relief. This includes: 80 Board decisions; 3 Reconsideration decisions; and 6 Administrative decisions. In terms of which acts the decisions came under, it breaks down as follows:

MMBA: 34 decisions
EERA: 34 decisions
Dills Act: 11 decisons
HEERA: 8 decisions
Trial Court: 1 decison
Court Interpreters: 1 decision

I estimate that PERB probably considered 12 injunctive relief requests, which would bring the total number of decisions to 101. Last year the Board issued 65 decisions along with 28 requests for injunctive relief, for a total of 93.

Year: Bd. Decisions/IRs/Total

2008-09: 89/12/101 (est.)
2007-08: 65 /28/93
2006-07: 87/16/103
2005-06: 80/23/103
2004-05: 142/14/156
2003-04: 128/13/141
2002-03: 73/14/87
2001-02: 44/23/67

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