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An update on legislation related to public sector labor relations:

  • AB 455 (Allows union to appoint half the members of a personnel commission):  Vetoed by Governor on 7/25/11
  • SB 857 (see also AB 1318) (Limits damages for unlawful strikes):  Passed Legislature on 9/1/11; awaits actions by Governor
  • SB 609 (Requires PERB to issue decision in 180 days in representation cases):  Signed by Governor on 9/6/11
  • AB 646 (Imposes impasse procedures, including factfinding, under the MMBA):  Passed Legislative on 9/6/11; awaits action by Governor
  • AB 101 (Allows home child care providers to unionize):  Passed Legislature on 9/9/11; awaits action by Governor

Other Bills:

  • SB 931 (Prohibits public funds for union avoidance campaigns):  Gutted on 8/31/11;
  • SB 259 (Opens door to unionizing of student research assistants):  Held in committee



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