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Perb Logo The Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) has announced a meeting of its Advisory Committee for October 11, 2018 at 11 am.  The location will be at the PERB headquarters in Sacramento at 1031 18th Street, First Floor, Room 103, Sacramento, CA.

According to the meeting agenda the Advisory Committee meeting is “an opportunity for the Board, its staff, its constituents and the public to openly discuss the topics outlined below relating to PERB’s mission in the administration of the eight collective bargaining statutes over which PERB has jurisdiction.”  There is no formal “membership” for the Advisory Committee; all members of the public are welcome.

The scheduled agenda items are: 1) Potential new or revised regulations governing pre-hearing matters, including but not limited to, subpoenas, document production, and motions; and 2) Potential new or revised regulations governing filing of exceptions with the Board itself.

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