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Castaic Union School District (2010) PERB Decision No. J025-M (Issued on 12/7/10)

PERB has granted a request for judicial review by the California School Employees Association (CSEA) over the Board’s decision in Castaic Union School District (2010) PERB Decision No. A384E (“Castaic”).  In Castaic, the Board overturned longstanding precedent by holding that school district employees in part-time playground positions, also referred to as “noon-duty aides,” who do not otherwise hold a position in the classified service, are not covered by the Educational Employment Relations Act (EERA).

Under EERA, PERB decisions on unit determination issues are not reviewable by the courts unless PERB grants a request for judicial review. (Gov. Code, § 3542.) It’s a procedure that is rarely requested. Here, PERB held that the unit determination issue was a “novel” one and of “special importance.” Accordingly, PERB granted the request for judicial review.  CSEA is now free to file a petition for relief with the courts.

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