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As of June 5, 2020, PERB’s Docket (the number of cases awaiting decision by the Board itself) stood at 22. Significantly, for the first time in recent memory the Board’s docket has no cases that have been at the Board level awaiting decision for longer than a year. As the Board notes, this is a tremendous improvement from only two years ago when the docket stood at 83 cases with 37 cases over a year old.

The Board attributes the decrease in the docket to increased productivity by the Board members in addition to structural changes such as the addition of a Board “bull pen” attorney who acts as an additional Legal Adviser to the Board. Either way, the Board’s ability to get its docket down to this level is truly impressive. I recall in the early 2000’s that the Board’s docket hovered around 150 cases with many older than a year, some older than 2 years, and even a few over 3 years. Hopefully the budget crisis facing the state won’t derail PERB’s continued efforts to keep its docket down.

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