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Back in May, I wrote about SB 656 (DeSaulnier) which sought to remove from PERB’s jurisdiction any bargaining unit comprised of a majority of peace officers as defined by Penal Code section 830.1. (830.1 officers.).  I was partly ambivalent on the bill but opposed to it on the principle that it’s bad public policy to have certain employees covered by PERB and not others.  I’m pleased to report that the Governor has vetoed SB 656 for the same reasons. Here is the Governor’s veto message:

“To the Members of the California State Senate:

I am returning Senate Bill 656 without my signature.

While I am supportive of employee rights, this bill would create an inconsistent treatment of non-peace officer employees in unions with peace officer majorities and similar non-peace officer employees that are in unions without a peace officer majority. I do not believe a sufficient case can be made why one group should circumvent the existing dispute resolution process that currently exists through the Public Employment Relations Board. For these reasons, I am unable to sign this bill.


Arnold Schwarzenegger”

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