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The 19th Annual Public Sector Conference is coming up on Friday, May 3, 2013, at the Claremont hotel in Berkeley.  The Conference is sponsored by the State Bar Labor & Employment Law section.  If you haven’t gone to this conference I highly recommend that you attend.  While the sessions are great, the bigger benefit is being able to interact with public sector practitioners—union, management, and neutrals—all in one place.

This year the keynote speaker is Anita Martinez, Chairperson of PERB.  Moreover, all four Members of PERB (Chair Martinez, Eugene Huguenin, Priscilla Winslow, and Eric Banks) will be present for a question and answer session.  I’m told that many PERB staff members will also be in attendance.  So this is a fantastic opportunity to hear and meet members of the Board and staff.

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