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PERB has recently placed on its website a survey for stakeholders. Click here to get to the survey. The survey period runs from February 19 to April 6, 2015.  The survey seeks input on what functions are most important to stakeholders. Among the few specific questions is this one:

Would you like to see PERB staff travel to conduct informal settlement conferences and formal hearings at facilities in closer proximity to the parties? Would your opinion change if the time spent by staff traveling reduced the overall time available for processing and investigating charges, drafting warning/dismissal letters and proposed decisions, and lengthen the time between filing of cases and issuance of dismissal/complaint and between filing of complaint and setting of formal hearing?

This is an interesting question.  There have been many times where it would have been more cost effective to have the administrative law judge (ALJ) come to the parties’ location rather than all the witnesses having to travel to the local PERB office.  However, I can see that there would be times where it may not make sense. If you would like your opinion to be heard, take the survey!

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