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The 2015-2016 legislative session is over. The Governor had until September 30th to act on any pending bills.  Here’s recap of legislation affecting PERB:

Senate Bill 950 (Baker) — This bill would have enacted the Excluded Employee Arbitration Act to permit excluded employees with the State of California to seek arbitration of certain grievances.  Vetoed by Governor on 9/25/16.  Veto message: “This bill adds arbitration to the existing four step grievance process for state supervisors. Expanding the grievance process for the state’s managers to include legally binding arbitration will reduce departments’ ability to effectively manage state operations and will result in significant unbudgeted state costs.”

AB 874 (Santiago) — This bill would have added employees of the Judicial Council to coverage under the Dills Act. Vetoed by Governor on 9/30/16. Veto message: “The state has no experience collective bargaining with employees from the third branch of government. This bill leaves several important questions unanswered such as how agreements will be ratified, approved for funding and whether the Dills Act is a proper law for employees who are constitutionally exempt from civil service. This bill isn’t ready to become law.”

AB 2835 (Cooper) — This bill would have required the public employers to provide newly hired employees an orientation session, and allowed the exclusive representative time during the orientation session to make a presentation. This bill was a top priority of organized labor and a direct response to the potential decision in Friedrichs v. California Teachers AssociationHeld by Author.  Look for this bill to return next session.

That’s it. So there are no changes – to my knowledge – to any of the acts administered by PERB for 2017.

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